Pick An Aura Color: A Tarot Reading

D. L Bester
5 min readMar 10, 2022

“These are the colors, of the wind…”

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This is just a general reading. This reading is timeless. I understand Tarot is not for everyone, I appreciate your understanding and kindness.

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Disclaimer: There are way more colors than I’m going to list here so I’ve ecided to pick 5 random colors to go off of. I will then say the description of each color and pull a tarot card for each of those colors. This will be fun!

What Are Auras?

Auras can be seen and felt or sensed. Auras are electromagnetic fields that surround all living things. Generally the strongest colors are seen around someone’s head.

How to start reading Auras

This is a technique that is great for beginners and this is also great for practicing, but I would recommend to do this on the regular so you can get used to it.

Pick a point just beyond your hand and let your eyes go out of focus. (This can be tough to get the hang of because it requires you to keep your eyes open longer.)

Eventually you will see a thin white band come into view. This thin white band is the first layer of the aura. Once you have found the white band, fix your gaze beyond it. Soon after, colors will start to come into view. This is the hardest part. But if you practice a lot, it can be done! I believe in you!

Now start by picking a color; Red, Yellow, Orange, Green or Blue. Then find it below.

Photo by Anni Roenkae from Pexels


This color represents energy, strength and courage. The word courage may pop up a lot to you, as this is the year of the tiger, and one of the many characteristics of the…

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